As an innovative and creative post production facility, I am skilled at producing inspiring corporate videos, internal communications, not-for-profit campaigns and television commercials. If you want your video to sing, sing out to me.

Our approach

Based in Adelaide, corporate videos and charity communications are my specialty. Whatever story you want to tell, I will utilise my skills and expertise to facilitate and lead the production of high-quality videos. So, for corporate videos and production, Adelaide’s Colourblind is the optimal choice.

As a leading video post-production editor, I can offer a wide range of services – need a video shot? I can facilitate that. Need a script? I can do that too. Need your phone footage cut into something people will watch? Got ya on that too. Want to sit in on the edit? Be my guest (I’ll even make you tea or coffee!).

Once the video is finished, distribution will be completely up to you! This is where you will get your return on investment, promoting the final result on a prominent platform where your target audience will see it. I can offer advice and guidance on how best to get your final video in front of as many eyes as possible.

Industries and services

Branded content is one of the most important services for my clients. This description may sound generic, but it specifically refers to the production of video content used for marketing practices. Branded video content is an excellent way to raise awareness for your brand. My editing style will inspire your team to spread the videos far and wide and help to share your values.

Many corporations are shooting their own content in house, so if this sounds like you and you’d like to deliver a polished video to your clients, that’s where I can help. If you need the whole process scripted, shot and cut, I can help as well.

The message is key with corporate videos, WHY are you making it, WHAT do you want the response to be, and HOW can they respond. By weaving these together in a narrative that people want to watch the effectiveness is dramatically increased and the return is greater.

Charities and Not-For-Profit organisations always have the best stories to tell, and have been a passion of mine since the beginning. Whether it’s communicating an event, cause, or just a reminder that you exist, video will help. Get in touch as a lot of my work for these organisations is pro-bono, I believe the money should go to those in need, not into my pocket (Caveat: I can’t do this for everyone though, I also have mouths to feed!).

Whilst at the heart of everything I do, sometimes it becomes more that that. Have a creative idea that you’d love to turn into a moving picture? Get in touch. My background is in the theatre as a director, so I’m a firm believer that if your video has no story (whether visual or spoken) then it’s an instant ‘click off’. The best videos are the ones which capture the imagination and speak to the heart, so let’s do that.

Social media and promotional video content can also be created by me at Colourblind. In the age of social media, this type of content is the most shareable and influential, and the easiest way to tell your story to raise awareness. The impact of the social media platform, combined with the video format which is unparalleled in its ability to transmit information, makes this a winning combination.

With social media content, we can be very creative. Due to its wide scope and accessibility, almost any style of video content can thrive on social media if done right. Whatever your goals may be, social media videos represent an excellent investment, and an opportunity not to be missed.

All the videos I work on will be developed through a creative approach, and the direction and concept design will determine the type of service I will implement. Get in touch and let’s go VIRAL!

A comprehensive list of the video production services offered by Colourblind Films includes:

  • Corporate storytelling
  • Television commercial production and post production
  • Creative development (scripting, storyboards etc)
  • Event video (if a corporate focus) or editing
  • Marketing video production and post production
  • Biographies
  • Promotional video production and post production
  • Business video production and post production
  • Web video production and post production
  • Social media videos
  • Music video production and post production
  • Animation
  • Real estate video production and post production
  • Motion graphics
  • Training videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Commercial video production and post production

Our past projects page, here, highlights the many variations on video styles I can offer. (link to the videos)

If you aren’t sure of the most effective way to tell your story, I can also brainstorm alongside you to work through the options and settle on the best approach. You’ll find me to be friendly and responsive to all types of questions, with the sole aim of helping you achieve an effective video for your organisation