Benjamin Fleming

Benjamin Fleming

Video Creative

 Member of the MEAA and the ASE  


About Ben

I'm a video producer and editor based in South Australia, living in the Adelaide Hills with my wife, two children, and my cat.

I'm originally from the UK, and have lived and worked in Bristol and Edinburgh, then moved to Australia where I've worked in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in video production.

I have a First Class Batchelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and over 10 years professional experience in filmmaking.

As a freelancer I have established a large network of other allied professionals from make-up artists to photographers, camera operators to truck drivers, so whatever your production requires I've ususally got the answer!


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“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.”

Robert Rodriguez

My reasons why

Making videos is at its core, telling stories. Whether it's a corporate film, a product promotion, a charity campaign, or a short narrative film, they all need to have a story. My passion, and what's carried me on in this industry for so long, is the process of discovering what that story is, and most importantly, where its heart lies. All stories need the key ingredients of conflict (often presented as the 'need' in non narrative work), plus journey, plus heart. It's the heart which engages the brain, not the other way around. So I'm constantly challenged to uncover not only the story, but the reason why that story is important.


I'm always learning new skills, from different software, new camera gear, to interesting techniques in production. But one thing that I've always found comes naturally to me is an understanding of how to construct an engaging and emotional tale. It took me many years to break down how I did it to a technical (and repeatable) asset for my work, and if that sounds a bit clinical then, well, it is! Excellence without understanding how you got there is only going to work once, maybe twice. But knowing and understanding the route gives me an extra level of specialism which has stood me in good stead.


I'm honoured to have been given to the opportunity to work on so many fabulous projects over the years, and to have been supported on this journey by my amazing family. Without their support, love and encouragement, I wouldn't be in the priviledged position of being able to do the work that I do.


 “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” 

Robert Altman