What I Do


Capture the story. Whether it's a crew of many or just me, you can rely on a gentle experience and a style that suits. Big cameras, small cameras, drones, mics, lights and lenses - each project is different, so let's talk about yours.


Find the story. From writing a script or treatment, to managing a whole production team, let's talk. TVC scripts, documentary treatments, or entire projects - whatever the scale, it will be properly project managed with access to 24/7 reports on the progress of each item.


Tell the story. Come and join me in the edit, or check in remotely, or hand me some footage and a brief and check in later... Over 10 years exprience as an editor helps when working on narrative, whether it's finding a story in some interviews or weaving together a scripted piece.


Whether it’s the whole production, or just a small part, you’ll be in safe hands with me.

Keep it simple.

  1. Contact – contact me and we’ll have a chat through your needs, outcome expectations and the route to get there.
  2. Production –  I can either shoot the video myself, or bring a crew.
  3. Post Production – Edit the video, add titles, sound design, and colour.
  4. Delivery – Once the final video has been signed off by all stakeholders, I will send you the video in the format of your choice.


This is what I do. I’m really good at it. Let’s work together.