What I Do


Being able to tell a story is the crux of any good editor. Whether that story is about a new product, a cause, or a commercial, your audience has an eye for what works and what doesn’t, so you need to engage your audience with a story. That’s where I come in.


whether you have shot the video yourself or need a producer to arrange the whole production, I’m here to help. With many years experience in the production industry to bring to the table I can ensure your video is the best it can be.


Well, that’s a hard one. It depends on the size of the production and the amount of post production required. I can arrange everything from concept to delivery, or I can work with your footage to create your video. Drop me a line and I can give you a quote!


When was the last time an advertisement really spoke to you? Really got to you? More likely than not, the most impactful ad for you was a video.

As a film editor, I think it’s important to tell stories in everyday life. Whether you are recapping your day or trying to market your brand, you have a story to tell. Let me make the process easier and the reach wider.

Production process

There are four steps to corporate video production, which the I can handle every step of the way. From writing the script to final delivery, or just cutting together footage you’ve shot yourself, I will always ensure your high standards are met. The steps involved are:

  1. Contact – contact me and we’ll have a chat through your needs. Many companies are shooting their own videos now, but may have difficulty realising their vision in the edit. We can chat through the process required. I won’t talk gobbledegook or technical jargon, just a conversation about your needs, outcome expectations and the route to get there.
  2. Production – whilst primarily an editor I have over ten years experience behind the camera and a whole heap of capable operators whether it’s aerial footage, ground work, events or commercials. I can either shoot the video myself, or bring in my A-Team production crew and act as a producer. If you’re shooting the video yourself I can give advice and recommendations prior to the shoot to make sure the video I’m cutting fulfills your needs.
  3. Post Production – My time to shine! There are as many ways to go about this as there are videos on the market, but for example – if I’m cutting extensive interview footage I will always get it transcribed first to do a ‘paper cut’ (not as painful as it sounds) and get you to approve that first, ensuring that the salient points are included. If it’s a scripted commercial then I can dive straight in. Motion graphics, colour grading, music, sound mixing, subtitles and different aspect ratios (think ‘TV vs Instagram’ – widescreen vs square for example) are all included in this process – you can even have both! There is also a round of changes included in this, and as long as they’re within the original scope of the production they’re free of charge.
  4. Delivery – Once the final video has been signed off by all stakeholders, I will send you the video in the format of your choice. Whether it’s for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TV, or the cinema, I can deliver appropriately. With TV commercials I can send them directly via Adstream with all the necessary tops and tails they require (and also you get a free online version if required!).

Impact of videos

Video is the future. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that, but it’s the truth. With the democratisation of distribution, anyone can be a star.

What many online self produced videos lack is a good edit where timing, storytelling and emotional impact may be lacking.

By using a professional editor to create your final content you can have the best of both worlds – be your own producer and let me make your video shine, you’re worth it, your brand is worth it, and you deserve to get the most out of your marketing dollar.